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Property Valuations

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We make property valuation an exact science

Valuing a property is so much more than guesswork. It’s an almost scientific formula that requires experience, research, knowledge and a thorough understanding of the local region. Many elements can affect the value of a property, and some have nothing to do with the bricks and mortar holding it together, or the rooms inside.

Using current market data, local property prices and the latest analytical tools, we produce a valuation that is accurate and realistic. Why is this important? Well, if we price too high, we’ll send potential buyers running, and if we price too low, we’ll make you less profit - both negative outcomes. We want the most positive outcome for our clients in terms of a quick property sale, and financial returns.

Once we’ve established a price, we’ll progress with a full marketing strategy for your property incorporating photos, descriptions, floorplans, online marketing and more. We’ll also continue to monitor progress to see how the market is responding to your property.

To book a valuation with Jenkins property call our team on: 01277 228620 or complete our enquiry form.